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Mine is a story of developing a photographic technique to expresses my love for nature and my quest to communicate this vision to others. How I see nature and how I communicate what I have experienced. I gained a degree in Conservation Biology which has opened up a deeper understanding of the inter-relationships that I wish to capture.

I realized my own closeness to nature one day when after some weeks of not being outdoors, I went for a walk in the forest and upon entering I began singing to myself, “hello my old friend.” I felt at peace.

It is difficult to put into words the degree of serenity and closeness I feel with nature. I can tell many stories about, this tree or that bird; about how I have watched both eagle and bear at close range; and of waiting out hard stormy nights on some remote coastal beach or of sweltering under the burning sun reflected off the gleaning snow on a broad mountain slope. In all of these events I felt at one with my surroundings. I move with the sway of the trees. Feeling the rush of the wind on my face I envision that I am that eagle soaring above the ridge. I feel and felt as comfortable with nature as you may feel sitting in your own home with your family.

Photography then has become my means of communicating my experiences to others. As you view my images, I hope that you too can share in my experience. Beyond the norm, trying to explore the multiplexity and simplicity, the universal light and darkness of true reality as defined by each element and moment in time. Trust me. This is not easy!

With this presence of mind and my bearded profile I was given the nickname “Yeti”. This I appreciate as the Yeti is at one with its nature and is an enigma. In my expression of nature, I too try to be harmonious with nature yet my prospective is forever evolving.

It has been said that an artist cannot exist without a spiritual side, as it is this spiritual side that communicates with the souls of others. This is difficult, as it requires me to open myself up fully to that moment. I must instinctively manipulate the mechanical aspects of photography while enabling my spiritual side, my intuitiveness, my inspiration, and my soul to express itself. I believe that nature by it shear existence has some connection to the spiritual realm and as the human spirit interacts with nature this spiritual connection has the ability to express itself. This reminds me of a quote from my Grandfather, “Responsibility is our response to God’s ability”. With this approach I account for my own spirit and energy for this is truly what the image captures and communicates.

It seems the first question most people ask is "what camera equipment do you use? I prefer to focus on my frame of mind because this is truly where the art of photography comes in. But having been asked. I currently use a Pentax 645mm, PZ1 (35mm) and *istD (digital) body with a verity of lens giving me an effective range from 2.5 times life size to 840mm long (11x). I also have a selection of accessories that enable TTL flash in remote locations along with the latest in camouflage equipment. I use a minimum of filtration, using mainly sky and polarizing. What I have learned from this array of highly accurate equipment is its not just the light, time of day, angle or mechanical manipulation that is of importance but more the relationship of what I photograph to itself, its environment and how I interact with it.

For over 40 years I have been capturing images. Like most the beginning of my journey was just that, a time for learning the fundamentals and building a foundation. Now when I click the shuttle I do so with intense clarity of thought. Direct purpose. I rush with the adrenaline of inspiration! For this to occur the mechanics of photography have had to become more then just second nature they have become almost an involuntary reflect.

One of the greatest pleasures I have is to share the photography experience with others through direct instruction or by providing the means by which they can capture that long sought-after image. Other pleasures have included: helping non-profit wilderness/wildlife organization preserve our ecosystem; giving lectures ranging from simple “how to” to understanding the interrelationships between all the photographic elements, the subject matter and the photographer. Thousands of people have viewed my images through a wide array of media.

Today my interests in photography is more to satisfy my own personal quest for expressing the mood and relationship of what I see and feel in a meaningful artistic manner more then trying to fit someone else’s preconceived notions. If you find my images inspiring, I thank you, if you find my images express the concept that you desire, I'm glad. Currently I am bBased out of Whitehorse, Yukon Territory Canada